Maria Spadoni
A Reproducer's Practice Manifesto
The piece is a design manifesto that delineates fundamental codes of conduct and design approaches for the “reproducer”, namely the anti-disciplinary designer that accepts the challenge of unoriginality and embraces reproduction as a creative strategy. The text of the manifesto has been re-written reproducing Marina Abramovic’s “An Artist’s Life Manifesto”, becoming itself an embodiment of reproduction.
Maria Spadoni (she/her) is an Italian fashion practitioner currently attending the Master in Critical Fashion Practices at ArtEZ. She previously graduated with a bachelor degree at IUAV University of Venice. Currently she is researching and activating unaccredited forms of creative strategy like copy, bootleg and appropriation, aiming to bring attention to the contradictory nature of the neo-liberal fashion systems.
IG: @saponessa

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