Eleonora Radke slanted
Eleonora Radke's cup series 'slanted' focuses on the slants of the cup. The project was preceded by research into drinking utensils for people with disabilities. The conical shape provides a firm stand, the bevelled edge allows drinking via two different methods. In addition, there are variants with one, two, and without handles. A slant with great significance; it integrates.
After completing a three-year apprenticeship as a ceramist at the Keramikschule Landshut from 2016-2019, Eleonora Radke (she/her) began studying New Craft Object Design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts D├╝sseldorf in 2019. She works interdisciplinarily and with various materials in the fields of jewellery, object and product.
IG: @eleonora.radke

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