Poorvi Garag
The construction industry is the second largest employing industry and is extremely important for India’s overall development and economic growth. The innumerable problems or gaps within the system that cradles this industry are systemic; which are extremely detrimental to millions of people’s lives. ReConstruction is the redesign of the social security system for migrant construction labourers in India. Reconstruction brings the construction labourer ID card registration system within a kilometre of every construction labourer in India.
I (she/her) am a designer, dedicated to asking questions which I explore through my varied projects. I am trained in Industrial Arts and Design from Srishti Institute, Bangalore. Along with core Industrial Design skills, my practice entails design research for social impact and innovation of new services and products. I strive to empathise with the planet and all the life on it and try to understand people and the intricacies of the world around me.

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