Lea Ellemann
Resulting from research of the bodies reaction towards and creation of sound through movement, ‘STiMULANT// IMPulSE’ is an interdisciplinary project exploring a non-hierarchical development process of a performance. The innovative costume design is exploring the meeting points between man and machine. A symbiosis of hand stitched seam lines out of conductive copper wire and 3D printed PLA filament jewellery pieces.
I (she/her) am a fashion designer with a focus on innovative textile design as well as a fine artist. I explore the interrelationship between fashion, dance and sonic stimulation. I archive my surroundings through my design work which is why I like to collaborate and interact with my audience through live-events and recordings. I am an embroidery artist fascinated by 3D printing, laser-cutting and traditional hand stitching techniques.

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