Studio Kurina Sohn
OFF-SURFACE was inspired by the water's top surface's translucent, refracted light and distorted reflection. The surface of the water reflects one's gaze. Within specular reflection on the water shows impermanence, adaptability and the interconnectedness of its surroundings. The surface also reveals the realities underwater. OFF-SURFACE imitates a solidified notion of water's surface.

Kurina is a multidisciplinary designer based in Amsterdam. She is fascinated by the exploration of realms, life forms, and narratives that transcend the ordinary. The projects are rooted in extensive research and adopt a poetic lens to craft fluid and inclusive interpretations of contemporary realities. The central focus of her recent series of projects has been to investigate conventional notions of nature by depicting how technology might perceive, experience, and interpret elements of the natural world. The creative process involves tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, and immersive installation.
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