Julie Dítětová
Machine Learning: Programming Patterns
This work explores the current capabilities of machine learning technology for generating new patterns based on input data from 18th-century fabric archives. The main focus is on the principle of GAN architecture function, dataset generation issues, and the training process. The work highlights the network of human decisions and steps behind the seemingly automatic process. 
Synthetic patterns were used to create new patterns for new fabric referencing the origin of the dataset (18th-century fabric patterns). You can touch what was originally only on the digital screen. 

Julie is a digital designer, art director, and tech enthusiast from Prague, Czech Republic. Conceptual design and critical thinking are the core of Julie's work. Last few years Julie has been experimenting with the role of AI researcher/designer always highlighting the core question: "How can we truly integrate AI tools into our existing workflows in a value-adding way?" She is also an active contributor to the Amsterdam-based AIxDesign community. 
The exhibition of this work was supported by UMPRUM Prague and Czech Centre Rotterdam.
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